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Toyota Setting Up Recycling Facilities For Old Nickel Metal Batteries From Old Hybrids


To keep the planet as tidy as possible, and to make a good business, Toyota has decided that it’s about time they recycled used NiMH batteries included in their old hybrid cars, such as the Prius, which has been produced from 2000 onwards.

They launched a new business, a joint venture meant to develop a technology that should be able to recover the nickel from old batteries and by reprocessing it to be able to directly include it in new batteries. The process they used is also known as battery-to-battery recycling.

Toyota even built recycling facilities that can reactivate the nickel and produce high quality units in collaboration with its Chemical Engineering branch. The nickel will be refined through the help of Sumitomo Metal Mining.

CO2 emissions are also on the list of the giant auto manufacturer. They will set up proper a transportation system for the items to be recycled by using the same trucks that normally supply parts. Of course, not all of the old batteries will have to go to Japan for that purpose, because Toyota will open up centers worldwide.

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