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Trump Facing Pressure Over Environmental Policy


In the wake of the most recent G20 meeting, the Trump administration is receiving increasing pressure for a change in its stance towards the environment.

The G20 communique dropped language that referred to taking steps to combat climate change, and this has raised concern from a broad range of influential parties. The 2015 Paris Accords enjoy widespread support in the international community, and the United States seems to be cutting against the grain.

It is no secret that President Trump doesn’t subscribe to the consensus view of human created climate change, and his actions to modify state policy have been met resistance in the United States. The EPA had been forbidden from using decades of climate research publicly, and the new head of the EPA has taken an industry-centric view of human emissions.

ConservAmerica and republicEn are conservative groups from the United States, and they are not happy with President Trump. A number of conservative religious groups have also been vocal opponents of the new direction of federal environmental policy, the Catholic Climate Covenant being one of the most prominent.

“Conservatives now have a chance to earn back the trust of Americans on environmental issues,” commented Alex Bozmoski, who manages strategy for republicEn. “They can lead in a completely different direction that actually grows the economy while cutting greenhouse gasses.”

The associate director of the Catholic Climate Covenant, Jose Aguto, spoke in a constructive manner as it concerned the current direction of the republican party, “Once they accept the reality and science of climate change, we will have reached a tipping point in the political will for solutions.”

Unfortunately it would appear that President Trump has decided to pursue a strategy that puts profit before sustainability when it comes to the environment, with no mind paid to the fallout from carbon intensive activity.

[via reuters]

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  1. The G20 has never been very progressive, to say the least, but yeah, this is sad. I just hope this kind of high level politics will not discourage but encourage the rest of us to fight against these nonsensical politics and support the B/T/C20 internal groups of the G20.

    What’s really stupid is that most of these measures actually make economical sense for the whole society, both businesses and citizens, like cheap solar energy, more efficient cars, more renewable energy jobs than coal’s, etc., let alone the fact that every dollar invested now saves many dollars later in colateral costs such as health.

    By the way, the 2 links to the Reuters article are broken, it’s “http,” not “https.”


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