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Two Devices That Can Solar Power Your iPhone While You Walk or Listen to Music


_68625645_wide-01Charging a mobile device using flexible solar cells fitted in headphones, or a shoe insole that harnesses energy generated by walking, could soon be possible, as the crowdfunding website Kickstarter showcases some of the coolest innovation technologies seeking funding.

Solar powered headphones were created by Andrew Anderson, a Glasgow designer. He hopes that he will be able to raise £200,000 by the end of the year and get the headphones into production.

The prototype is fitted with two small lithium batteries, while the solar cells have a charge capacity of 0.55 watts. The batteries charge the device that is plugged to both earpads, as it is playing.

The design of the headphones is still under development, while improvements are needed in order to optimize noise cancellation.

Another particularly interesting invention is a shoe insole, which charges batteries using the energy generated during walking. According to the team from Carnegie Mellon University, who developed the design, walking a distance of 5 miles can guarantee a fully charged iPhone.

The idea for this prototype was inspired by their proof-of-concept invention, which lights up shoes at night. But the guys could not stop at using power generation only for small lights that can show you the way at night. They wanted to find a once-and-for-all solution to dying phone batteries at the most inappropriate times.

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