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Ubiquitous Energy’s Transparent Stick-On Solar Cells Power iPads


20130228-152329Stick-on solar cell, a revolutionary new technology under development by startup company Ubiquitous Energy, could provide continuous supply of power to mobile devices and tablets throughout the day.

In order to maintain a completely transparent screen, the solar cells let all visible light pass through and collect only the light from the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths.

According to Miles Barr, president and chief technology officer of Ubiquitous Energy, this exact function of the cells makes them different from any other existing technologies. Several organic layers placed on the surface of the mobile device, make it almost entirely independent from wall-charging.

The release date and the price of the revolutionary solar cells are still to be announced. Although the technology is still under development, the current prototype achieved 70% transparency and 2% efficiency. Barr is certain that by the time the invention hits the market, these numbers will be much higher.


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