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The Founder of Glastonbury Festival Unveils UK's Largest Private Solar Power Station


Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury Festival has unveiled Britain’s largest solar power system, built up, surprisingly, on a cowshed roof.

The 1,000 solar panels assembled on the shed roof cost around £600,000 and will generate 200kW of power on a sunny day, supplying the farm with most of its required electricity.

“With the energy crisis we had to do something seriously major as we see ourselves as green campaigners,” he said. Being strongly motivated by the environmental commitment, trying each year to make the Festival and the farm greener, he also added. “This has brought us one big step closer to our goal of operating the farm as ecologically as possible.”

Another incentive came from the government in the form of feed-in tariff scheme (also known as FITs or the Clean Energy Cashback scheme), which states that people who generate their own green or renewable energy will be paid for doing so.

The project is a big move that will have a huge impact on the solar energy industry, considering the amount of people that visit Glastonbury each year. We hope to seeing more initiative of this kind in the near future.

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