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UK Could Become a Leader in Marine Renewable Energy


You know what they say: hard work is not enough – you also need vision. Well, these days it seems this is the case with the marine region of London. According to a report of the British Parliament, the UK would rule the global market of wave and tidal power exports, if only the officials could see farther into the future and change their behavior in terms of energy usage.

British Energy Minister Charles Hendry from Edinburgh reminds the public that the industry often sees innovation in business practices as well, so in order to keep up with them, one needs to invest and re-think his behavior constantly.

Per Hornung Pedersen, CEO of Scotland’s Pelamis Wave Power agrees with the report’s findings, but he doesn’t want the U.K. and Scottish governments to forget that investment is important too, the sooner the better. Otherwise, while they think it over too much, they might see their business stolen from right under their nose by other countries.

The stakes are high because the region is the home of seven of the eight prototype marine power devices, making it the world leader in marine renewable technology so far. So it’s pretty important for it to stay that way, if only London officials would loosen up their famous conservatism for a bit…

[via UPI]

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