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Ultracell XX25 Methanol Fuel Cell – 8 Hours of Portable Power for Military Laptops


What do you think a device named “XX25” is used for? Kindergarten operations? Or some fancy church bell, or an automatic makeup machine? No… the California-based company Ultracell designed this methanol fuel cell for the army. XX25 uses eight and a half ounces of methanol to supply power for a military laptop for eight hours. It can also be made to last longer if you attach it to a bigger tank of methanol.

XX25 comes from the power this device gives, 25 watt. It works like this: methanol is processed and hydrogen is extracted, a fuel cell membrane converts it to electricity, and electricity powers the laptop.

“This new contract will drive advanced system design and provide units for further military field demonstrations and field testing,” said Keith Scott, CEO of UltraCell, in a statement. “We look forward to continuing to supply the XX25 for both military and non-military applications.” He also said: ““This is going to be the first place the common person sees a fuel cell”

It will probably be a long time until a common person will have such a fuel cell in their backpack, but on one hand it’s better that the military test it first until it’s released on the civilian market. In fact, it’s always been like this: high tech goes first to the army, and then to the public. Seems normal and decent, doesn’t it? 🙂


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