Very Efficient Vertical Wind Turbine Once Thought Impossible to Build

fullerwindmill_t700As wind industry claimed that vertical turbines are ineffective, inventor Adam Fuller developed a project to prove this theory wrong.

He designed a windmill consisting of 8 turbines, each having 4 structural steel wind scoops. The vertical turbine has 32 scoops in total and the wind can blow from any direction making the blades spin. By now the prototype is working flawlessly and even the slightest breeze of wind can make its blades spin. The turbine has a 12 feet diameter and is 36 feet tall.

As nobody made a large scale vertical turbine before , Fuller thinks his will be the one: “I’ve been able to demonstrate that for every 10 feet of baffle, there’s a 300 percent increase of output with the rotor. So my thought is that a 40 foot baffle will increase output by 1200 percent. If the 40 foot baffle system is successful, that means that 1 turbine and baffle system (about $200,000), would have the same amount of power as 12 turbines without baffles (about $150,000 ), so there’s financial efficiency. That’s a big change” .

Fuller wants to build a 120 foot model of the vertical wind turbine which he estimates could produce 30,000 to 75,000 kWh each month, enough to power up with energy 30 to 70 homes.

His success in implementing a large scale vertical turbine will probably depend on government funding. But as his project seems to work perfectly he will probably not need to knock on many doors to fulfill his dream.


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