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Volkswagen's New Electric Single-Seater to be Unveiled This Year


In order to reduce its carbon footprint, Volkswagen plans unveil a one-passenger electric vehicle in Berlin, Germany on September 8th.

According to VW spokeswoman Ruth Holling, the new concept will be specially designed for limited journeys. So far, the company didn’t declare anything about the vehicle’s range but some voices said this electric car concept will be better than the XL1 concept (pictured) shown earlier this year.

The XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle is a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid  that has been unveiled in January and, as the company claims, it uses 0.9 liters of fuel per 100km.

Volkswagen also expects to sell more than 10 million cars by 2018, sport-utility vehicles and vans. They now want to bring electric versions of the new Up city car and Golf hatchback to the market by 2013. We’ll have more details about these new concepts in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

[via AutoNews/AutoBlog]

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