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Volkswagen Electric Vehicles’ Range to Triple in the Future

This is ALL of QuantumScape's website, which doesn't tell us much about Volkswagen electric vehicles.
QuantumScape’s website doesn’t tell us much about Volkswagen electric vehicles.

Currently, Volkswagen electric vehicles, as well as every other electric vehicle, use conventional lithium-ion battery technology.

On the energy storage level, practically the only thing that separates the Volkswagen electric vehicles from Tesla Motors electric vehicles, such as the e-Golf and Model S is the configuration and capacity of the lithium-on battery pack. Indeed, the lithium-ion battery pack is no longer a novel addition to electric vehicles, but neither is it cutting-edge-technology, and there hasn’t been much advancement in lithium-ion battery technology in years. As for what the “next big thing” in lithium-ion battery technology will be, seems to be up in the air. Some advancement has been made in solid-state lithium-ion batteries, as well as lithium-sulfur batteries, but nothing more than can be substantiated by PowerPoint presentations, and certainly nothing commercialized, which makes this next announcement all the more intriguing.

Future Volkswagen electric vehicles, according to the company, are expected to triple in range, thanks to the development of a new lithium battery. Volkswagen’s recent investment in a little-known energy storage company in San Jose, California, QuantumScape, seems to solidify rumors that Volkswagen’s stumbled upon something big. The only thing is, we have no idea what. QuantumScape’s website is not helpful, as the screenshot above shows the entire website, so we’re still in the dark on what Volkswagen electric vehicles and QuantumScape have to do with each other, and what exactly QuantumScape is offering.

On CleanTechnica, author Tina Casey offers up a convincing theory, based on some anonymous tips and informers (You can read the whole story, there). QuantumScape’s mystery lithium battery technology is based on research done at Stanford University by Friedrich Prinz, and the company itself is CEO’d by a Stanford graduate, Jagdeep Singh. As it turns out, Prinz was working on green-tech wünder-materials perovskite and antiperovskite (the synthetic version). Like graphene, natural and synthetic perovskite are believed to be able to revolutionize photovoltaic solar power and hydrogen fuel cells. Prinz’ application of perovskite to solid-state lithium-ion battery technology could do the same, and could be seen in the newest upcoming Volkswagen electric vehicles. The question is, “Can Volkswagen and QuantumScape deliver?” I, for one, wouldn’t mind a 270-mile range Volkswagen e-Golf.

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  1. LoneWolf, long time. . . .Driving range is determined by the ‘size of the fuel tank’. Once an ‘Extender’ (as GM calls it) or ‘OnBoard TDI, AirCooled, Generator’ is added to ANY Electric Vehicle, a huge difference in ‘driving range’ will result. And, of course, my concept of a Diesel Generator also supposes a 100% Veggie Fuel. High-tech lithium-ion, carbon-fiber, magnesium and aluminum alloys notwithstanding, I favor using Existing Technologies based upon Nikola’s and Rudolph’s based Engine/Motors and TDI Diesel designs. EV’s must become ‘independent’ of the A/C Power Grid, altogether. . . period. Lithium-ion batteries would be pressed into the role of ‘backup/startup’ and maintained (just as today’s 12VDC vehicle batteries are) using my new onboard Extenders or Generators.

  2. Its not a lithium ion battery, its made without rare metals. Its really a type of ultracapacitor. I invented the same thing in the mid nineties but couldn’t find funding for my project. They are calling it an all electron battery since the term ultracapcitor doesn’t get as much respect do to their track record. Since it eliminates lithium it wont cost as much. Hopefully they will license it to other car companies and the whole world can change over to perovskite electric powered cars.

  3. Ah!, these are the same dreams I had of a long range Leaf shortly after buying one in 2011; What is it… 2015 already? and nothings happening! A 270 mile range Golf…somewhat like the California Lotto, it’s given us all hope!


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