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Tiny Battery Made from Recycled Cardboard Charges Your Phone On-The-Go


mini-power-cardboard-battery-2-537x438Quick emergency phone charging can now be much easier, cheaper and eco friendly with the new concept of recycled cardboard batteries. Easy to transport and with biodegradable packaging, these new tiny energy storage devices could give as much as 6 hours extra talk time.

I will not argue that there are many options for portable energy storage that provides battery charge in case of emergency. I also see quite an increase in number of battery charging spots, which eliminate the need for you to carry bulky cables around. There are also many cafe’s and restaurants nowadays, where you have the options of just inserting your credit card in a little vending-like machine, a little drawer opens, and you have pretty much a selection of all the cables you might need to charge your phone while you have a coffee.

But having the options does not mean that the desirable one is among them. And this is exactly what the little gadget from Fast Company is- the one you really want.

The Mini Power, as the award winning designer Tsung Chic-Hsien called it, is probably the most eco-friendly power supply you could have. It is made of recycled cardboard, which is 100% biodegradable, and it does not require any additional packaging. It comes in three different ‘sizes’, depending on how much charge you would like. Your options are ether two, four or six hours.

The small cardboard battery device is very easy to transport around, it is anything but bulky, meaning that actually you can just have one in your pocket ready for use. It is also quite stable and persistent, allowing you to simply buy a bulk of them and have them all ready and waiting for you during your next hiking holiday or long travel.

The little recycled battery is already quite close to the market shelves. Thanks to the Red Dot Award, which was recently granted to the inventor, Mini Power might appear at your local store much sooner than expected, so do watch out for it.

Image (c) Fast Company

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  1. You claim the battery is “100% recyclable, but it isn’t. From FastCO’s website: “There’s still the problem of the tiny battery inside each capsule, but Tsung imagines it would be recycled at the same convenience store you bought your Mini Power from….” And as it stands right now, there is no definite plan to recycle these batteries.


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