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Wagan Tech Launches Two Affordable Portable Solar Generators


The Solar e Power Series includes 2 generators, which have been designed to help isolated communities. The best part about them is that they produce energy without the fumes and noises that traditionally accompany the process.

The “bigger brother” of the two – the Solar e Power (TM) Cube 1500 – can be wheeled in in a robust case, which contains a 1,500-watt AC inverter and a 55Ah battery. After opening up, the solar panels supply 80 W to the included battery. The whole unit costs $1,199.00.

The “younger brother” Solar e Power Case 450 comes in at $799.00 and is a more reduced piece of equipment, with a 450W inverter and a 26 AH battery that you can carry along on your shoulder in a metal case. To make transporting it even easier, the 40W solar panel unit can be joined sideways.

They even have room for more solar panels and batteries to be added – the designers intended for them to be a basis for a personalized solar usage. Of course, thanks to their portability, the first thing that springs to mind is to use them in the middle of nowhere, but you can also revert to them during power cuts. The generators will be unveiled at the 2012 International CES.

[via MarketWatch]

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