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WaterNest Floating Renewable House Now for Sale


WaterNestA new abode is available for people who want to be environmentally friendly, but still want to live luxuriously.

The WaterNest 100 is a floating house that is built out of recycled and renewable materials, primarily recycled wood and aluminum, and is 98% recyclable itself. It also runs entirely off of 60 sqm of photovoltaic panels installed in the roof, and can provide up to 4 kWa of energy at a time.

The house can be located on any relatively calm body of water, such as lakes, bays and atolls, but even bodies of water that are not typically considered calm can still be used, such as on rivers and calmer sea areas.

The house was designed by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema, and is being produced by EcoFloLife after years spent in development. The large windows, skylights and balcony featured in the design let in lots of natural light, which also reduces energy usage by the home. The design also includes a system of micro-ventilation and air conditioning that ensured the WaterNest would be classified as a low-consumption residential habitat.

The layout includes a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room, and can comfortably house one to four people. However, the manufacturers explain that the home can be adapted to suit a number of different functions, and could be used as a personal office, lounge bar, store, restaurant or for exhibitions.

Each WaterNest unit is only 100 square feet, but with all that water to play around in, you won’t need much space.

Included below are some pictures of the interior, and my favorite, a nighttime photo.

All images (c) Giancarlo Zema Design Group






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