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Ginko Tree – The Eco-Friendly, Fast and Efficient Solar Charger


Ginkgo-solar-tree-XD-Design-1Ginko tree, a stylish solar power charger named after the beautiful Japanese tree, can charge two smartphones simultaneously in just two hours.

Solar chargers are nothing new. Various gadgets that have built-in solar cells and batteries have been hitting the market for quite some time now, promising that little bit of no-plug energy that would make the crucial difference between being able to use your smartphone or not, regardless of where you are. Until now, the most desired features of a solar charger were resilience and speed of charging, and it seems not much more could have been done to top up what was already out there (here is a Top 5 chart of the most wanted portable solar chargers).

But it is not true, of course there is always room for improvement, and the guys from XD Design showed just that. Their invention, the Ginko tree solar charger, is made entirely from eco-friendly plastic, aluminum and bamboo. What is more, it is all nicely packaged in the shape of a beautiful Ginko tree (hence the name), bringing a whole different sunshine to any room interior.

Besides being pretty and eco-friendly gadget, serving as a wonderful decoration, the Ginko tree charger is also super efficient, highly practical and very compact. It has a much larger, 4,000 mAh lithium ion battery, and three sleek and sexy mini solar panels. It has two USB ports located on the back of the aluminum base, compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

The base is designed in a way that the wires can be wrapped around it and remain hidden for aesthetic purposes. The shape of the base is also designed so that it could fit a smartphone or a tablet perfectly and everything is nice and tidy.

And this is not all. Ginko tree can charge fully two electronic gadgets simultaneously in a space of only two hours (or charge one gadget twice). Lights indicate whether the device is still charging or fully charged.

The pretty Ginko tree is a great addition to the office desk, and it could be purchased for the modest € 119,95 (just over $130).

Image (c) XD Design


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