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How the Chinese Tackle Air Pollution With Hydrogen Trains


hydrogenpoweredtramIn China, commuters in Qingdao can now arrive to work on board a bright orange tram that runs entirely on hydrogen and emits only steam. As China’s smog grows more thick, leaders across the country are turning their attention to new green technology.

Qingdao is not the only Chinese city with a hydrogen-powered tram system. In fact, seven cities in China, such as early adopter Foshan, use this innovative new green technology. The trams are manufactured by government-owned company Qingdao Sifang Co. While China is a very large country and the current trams only cover a distance of 83 miles, according to the Xinhua state news agency, the Chinese government plans to invest heavily in trams in the future. They plan to spend 200 billion yuan, or $32 billion, to build more tram tracks so that a distance of 1,200 miles is covered. The government also want to buy more trams as well.

The city of Foshan is interested in alternative and new green technology in general, not just in hydrogen power. A report in the Foshan Daily, a local newspaper, states that the city has plans to work with SAIC Motor, the largest Chinese car company, and produce parts for their fuel-cell vehicles. SAIC Motor, however, has not released a statement regarding the deal with the city of Foshan, so it remains to be seen. Information released last year by the company indicates that they will be focusing primarily on hybrid and electric technology

Still, the city continues to make efforts to alleviate themselves from the well-known pollution problem currently faced in China. In addition to building the hydrogen-powered tram system, the city just last year invested $72 million in a deal with Chinese city Sifang to produce trams that will be distributed nationally. The two cities have also agreed to build a hydrogen-power research center.

Image (c) Qingdao Sifung Co.

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