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I Charge My Batteries With Water. How About You?


No Pollution Power BatteryYou go somewhere for the holidays. You have your mp3 player to forget about the “dead times” during not-so-interesting-travels. But what? Suddenly your mp3 player stops working! Noooo!

The facts: your batteries are dead. No music, no radio, no voice recording from now on.

But… Yes, there can be a but. What if you take your batteries out of your player, open them, put some water inside and start using them again? And this is not a dream, it is reality.

Check this out: Aqua Power System, a Japanese company, invented this already. You can use any water-based liquid to produce a reaction between Aluminium and Magnesium. This also makes the batteries eco-friendly. There are no “bad” elements inside, just some you can usually find in nature and don’t harm the environment. The AA batteries will transmit a small power current able to work in small electronics. That is the reason the batteries name is NoPoPo, which means Non Pollution Power.

So, we can use any liquid containing water, like juice, coffee, milk, beer. Maybe even our body fluids?

Can’t wait to test these batteries! Don’t you?

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  1. it’s just a salt water battery…they crack/expand due to improper design-it’s not a dangerous defect but can damage the device their powering-due to physical stress. it’s likely the material they use as a media to soak up the fluid/substrate between anode and cathode. a better media is needed that will not expand as it’s saturated…

  2. This is a total scam.
    These “batteries” hardly produce any power , they were tested on a simple flashlight and ran for 5 minutes with dim light.
    On the tester they showed 60 mA (versus 2500 for an alkaline) , in other words you need 40 of these to match 1 alkaline battery.
    Worse yet , after leaving them overnight in the flashlight m battery cracked and exploded so the torch is now useless as well…take these things of the market immediately !

  3. Water appears to be a wonder resource of this generation. I read of vehicles running on nothing but water, now batteries. Gee what have we been doing throughout history, when something as simple as clean water can provide so much.

  4. Mg+Zn alloy is a combination that was used by the Germans and the allies in WW2.It was used for making air planes stronger.They quit using it though because it caught on fire easily.


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