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Weird or What: UK’s National Coal Museum Powered by Solar Panels


Big_Pit_Solar_PanelsIronically, the National Coal Museum in the United Kingdom is now powered by solar panels. Yes, the birth place of the coal-powered industrial revolution is powered by solar panels.

The National Coal Mining Museum in south Wales’ Big Pit in Blaenavon, Nr Agergavenny is using 200 photovoltaic solar panels. These panels, erected on Big Pit’s roof, join another 200 panels installed on the National Collection Centre.

Wales is realizing that although coal has played a key role in the country’s development, in order to have a solid future, the country must embrace green energy. Hence, the solar powered coal mining museum was constructed to celebrate the past, present, and future and to show off the solar power capabilities. The museum will also benefit from lower energy bills and sold returns form the feed-in tariff.

Over the course of 25 years, the museum will save around £400,000 pounds, according to estimates ($650,000 per current exchange rate). Any surplus power will be sold back to the power grid.

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