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“We’ll Prove Nikola Tesla Was Right,” Say Two Russian Physicists

Russian Physicists Say Rebuilding Nikola Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission Tower Will Work
Russian Physicists Say Rebuilding Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Power Transmission Tower Will Work

In 1901, Nikola Tesla began construction of what came to be known as the Wardenclyffe Tower, which was supposed to be used for worldwide wireless transmissions.

Wireless transmission is ubiquitous today. In fact, I’m writing this article from my laptop, transmitting via WiFi to my router. I am in the highlands of Perú, and this website originates in Romania, so my data may be transmitted via satellite on its jump from South America to Eastern Europe. Still, no matter where you are in the world, you can read this posting, perhaps wirelessly, via 3g or 4G mobile signal or WiFi on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, in your car, in a café, or in your bed. You take us to bed? That’s sweet. Still, this isn’t the wireless transmission that Nikola Tesla ultimately had in mind.

While Wardenclyffe Tower was originally destined to make wireless communcations worldwide, Nikola Tesla also envisioned it could do something far more impressive, transmit power worldwide. Now, my laptop may be communicating via WiFi, but it still needs a power source, and that’s provided by a good old AC/DC converter. Thank you Thomas Edison. Eventually, due to lack of interest and funding, as well as multiple changes to the tower design specifications, as genius are wont to do, the project was abandoned. The tower was eventually demolished in 1917. Nikola Tesla’s many inventions and patents didn’t give him a life of luxury and fame, however, and he died alone, at 86 years of age, in 1943.

Russian physicists Leonid Plekhanov and Sergey Plekhanov have spent the last five years studying Nikola Tesla’s designs, specifically those pertaining to the Wardenclyffe Tower, and plan on rebuilding. “Nikola Tesla had left us a very detailed description of the design of his Magnifying Transmitter System and the physical principles of its operation. We’ve conducted a thorough scientific expertise of his works and came to the conclusion that Tesla was on the right track,” they say.

That Nikola Tesla was a genius has never been in doubt, but whether his designs would work has many times been subject of great debate. Perhaps Tesla was just too far ahead of his time? Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov believe that perhaps modern materials and processes will prove his designs were right all this time.

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  1. Inventzilla Thanks for the tip, but the concept is only valid and/or needed, when pitted against the (already obsolete) gas-powered automobile concept.  You have to admit, any patent that is simply a retro-fit to an already doomed industry is moot.  An on-board TDI Diesel Generator (veggie fueled) will provide whatever electric is required.  Particularly eliminating or at least extending the life of lithium Ion batteries.

    This is OTS technology that is available today, and the American spirit of competitive sourcing will create countless opportunities.  In fact, I envision the day when Electric Engine/Motors coupled with TDI Diesel Generators becomes a Federally mandated standard of domestic travel – not in an absolute sense, but responsibly phased-in over time.  The National Diesel Veggie Fuel Standard will follow as a new energy standard for domestic transportation.  Same principle as the Reclamation Act of 1902 – that’s what the Govt is supposed to do, to step-in for the benefit of it’s people (and subsequently business).

  2. There is patent i know about that covers an energy transmitting system that works on the principles Tesla discovered. A Department of energy lab in the US developed and patented it. They claim to beam wireless power 5 miles away. The receiver has to be grounded. Contact [email protected] if you are interested
    in buying this patent and developing uses for it.

  3. beepee Actually the future would be great if we could do three things: Build out the World’s renewable energy resources; Stop using fossil fuels and stop mining fossil fuels.

  4. Tesla’s Tower 1901 and Rudolph Diesel’s engine introduced in 1900 (running of peanut oil) where “concepts” that might have pointed the world in a different direction.  Now it seems that 100+ yrs later, a few conceptual folks can see the error of human ways.

    Someone needs a new “Crystal Ball”  –  “I’ve seen the future, and it ain’t good”

    Post 1947 technologies have completely rewritten the “Energy” concepts of heat, light, the Sun, AC/DC electric motors and an engine design, not only powered by peanut oil, but effectively generates very little heat  –  “petroleum converted” diesel fuel is only 40 octane.


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