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West Coast Electric Highway Progress in Oregon

West Coast Electric Highway LII Charging Stations I-5 Exit 269, Custer, WA
West Coast Electric Highway LII Charging Stations I-5 Exit 269, Custer, WA

Anyone who’s been considering an electric vehicle [EV] knows that one of the “limitations” is range and recharging time. For commuters, this really doesn’t enter into the picture as long as their jobs are located within that range. On the other hand, what if you want to take your EV on a trip?

Some EVs come with a portable LI charger, but when your battery is depleted, it’ll take up to 8 hours to recharge. Most people will use up even the Tesla Model S’ industry-leading range of 300 miles in just five hours, and on a trip in a gasoline vehicle, it’d take 5 minutes to refuel. In the case of taking a trip in an EV, progress in infrastructure on the West Coast Electric Highway really makes a difference.

The West Coast Electric Highway project, Interstate 5, runs from British Columbia to Baja California, and with the recent installation of five quick-charging stations, is completely EV-friendly. The new stations, located in Oregon, are manufactured by ECOtality and were installed by Portland General Electric [PGE].

“We are very excited to be partnering with PGE in completing this stretch of the I-5 corridor,” said Amy Hillman, ECOtality area manager. “Completing this project is yet another step forward boosting drivers’ range confidence and enabling them to use their EV as their primary vehicle, while providing them with the benefits of fast charging that more closely reflects their lifestyle.”

More charging stations are appearing every week on the West Coast Electric Highway, and when the project is completed, it will cover over 1,300 miles. Public-access quick-charging stations will be located every 25 to 60 miles, so EV drivers will be able to access nearly every part of Washington, Oregon, and California. Mostly located at convenience stores and coffee shops, the short half-hour charging time can be easily occupied grabbing something to eat and chatting before you continue your trip.

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