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Wind Harvester – New Horizontal Wind Turbine That Produces Energy From Low Winds


If you’ve only seen wind turbines in a picture and never really been up there next to one, you probably don’t realize how much noise it makes and how picky it can be: it needs its own space around and high winds to go with it. Don’t worry, you haven’t been missing much – especially if the Wind Harvester comes along anytime soon: it’s horizontal, it isn’t fussy about the winds and comes in all sizes.

Well, almost all sizes: any up to 15 meters across. The only condition it requires is to be half a meter above the ground. So it’s definitely a change: according to the Wind Power Innovations website, its reciprocating motion involves horizontal aerofoils that you can only find on airplanes. These allow the Wind Harvester to make use of wind speeds regular wind turbines don’t have access to, like low and very high ones.

And there’s no noise whatsoever! It arrives in pieces and you can feel free to put it back up almost any way you want to. The man that made all this possible is Heath Evdemon, backed by the Nottingham Trent University’s Future Factory project.

Currently he’s not resting on his laurels, but looking for the perfect spot the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, UK, to install a large-scale working model. He has also been setting his sights to the industry, without leaving out the possibility of having homeowners and farmers actually settle with one of these in the future.

The wind industry has never been this promising!

[via Treehugger]

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