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100% Wind Powered: DC Government Agencies One Step Closer to Goal


US wind-powerAs part of their recent aim to become the ‘greenest’ city in the US, Washington DC has signed a new contract requiring that all government agencies be 100% powered by wind energy.

The deal, signed between DC’s Department of General Services (DGS) and Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES) who are based in Herndon, would initially last a year, and goes one further than the District’s previous agreement of 50% wind-powered electricity for government agencies.

Reports indicate that the electricity would be provided by WGES’ Northern Virginia wind farm. The move to 100% wind-powered electricity, as indicated by WGES, would be equivalent to not using 61,000 cars for a year. However, the contract is scheduled to come to an end next spring, though the District could opt for a renewal after considering benefits such as savings and reduction of emissions.

This move is part of DC’s recent Sustainable DC Plan, which is aimed at increasing green energy use and reducing emission of greenhouse gases. Even now, the city can boast of having the largest green economy jobs as well as having over 200 buildings which are Energy Star and LEED-certified.

The agreement would also include the DGS making available its data acquisition services to the services provided by Honest Buildings and Lucid Design Group. While Honest Buildings would make available to the public the energy performance of facilities owned by the DGS, Lucid Design Group would provide the means for managers of DGS facilities to find and solve problems associated with energy consumption.

According to the Director of the Department of General Services, Brian J Hanlon, going green not only provides a good platform for economic growth but also ensures a modern and vibrant society throughout the District of Columbia. Thus, their partnership with WGES will help achieve their aim of increase energy efficiency with reduced carbon emissions.

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