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Learn to Curb Emissions and Win Free Gas in Toronto, Canada

Summerhill Group's Contest in Toronto Teaches Commuters How to Curb Emissions and Win
Summerhill Group’s Contest in Toronto Teaches Commuters How to Curb Emissions and Win

In an effort to educate consumers to curb emissions and the benefits of cleaner transportation, the Toronto nonprofit, Summerhill Group, is giving away free gas cards and other prizes.

Learning how to commute more efficiently doesn’t have to be painful and from last week until the first week of May, you can actually win free gas and other prizes. The Summerhill Group in Toronto, Canada is running the contest with backing by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Ontario Centre for Excellence, Auto Recyclers of Canada and Shell’s FuelingChange grant. Full information on the contest can be found here, but the gist of the program is learn, adjust, and win.

The first two weeks of the project require you to change nothing, just to monitor your driving habits and keep track of them online. Using online tools, learn how to reduce your emissions by leaving the car at home, taking public transportation, carpooling or going even cleaner by riding your bike. The final two weeks of the program are for commuters to try and apply the things they’ve learned online and reduce their consumption and curb emissions.

All participants in the program get a $25 gas card, and those who can reduce their emissions by at least 10% will get a second $25 gas card. Those who meet the 10% challenge are also entered in a $1,000 Grand Prize drawing. What could be better than to learn how to curb emissions and getting paid to do it? Really, learning how to curb emissions is a win for everyone, but having a little extra cash doesn’t hurt anyone, either. I have to admit, giving away free gas does seem like an odd way to reward conscientious drivers, but could be if they know how to use it more responsibly.

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