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EU Proposes Tougher Regulations And Strict Plans On Emissions By 2014


nuclear_power_plantEarlier this week, the European Union (EU) proposed that by the end of 2014 each country should have a clear plan and list priorities in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to mitigating climate change.

A climate meeting of government delegates will be held next week in Bonn, Germany, when the plans for meeting 2020 targets should be presented. The EU set year 2014 as an internal deadline prior to the U.N. agreement on lowering emissions, which should be put into action in 2015.

EU suggested that by 2030, 30% of the energy needs will be met using renewable energy sources, while the emission levels should be reduced by 40%.

The EU approach differs from the proposal of the U.S., which states that governments should not have imposed regulations from outside. This suggestion consequently ignores the format of the Kyoto Protocol from 1997.

The ultimate goal of all nations is to limit the increase of temperatures to not more than 2 degrees Celsius.


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