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Tesla Stock Hits Record Value, Again


tesla-stock-110The Tesla Motors stock has hit yet another record value yesterday, ending at 107.2. As a reminder for those who don’t know yet, Tesla is the world’s first automaker of a mass-marketed electric car.

They started out with an expensive version called Tesla Roadster and are now producing a very roomy family sedan, the Model S, with sportscar characteristics (like 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds).

Some have said Tesla’s success has been based on its CEO Elon Musk’s messages on Twitter and his openness to answer mostly any question about the company and his own career and life.

Last week, Tesla Motors paid back the entire loan to the U.S. Department of Energy, a total value of $465 million. Nothing fancy so far, only Tesla did it 9 years ahead of the deadline set by the DoE. This sign of financial stability seems to have acted as an incentive, making the company stock boom with a power rarely seen in recent history.

The Green Optimistic has conducted a number of exclusive interviews with Elon Musk on various topics like the Model X, the NYT scandal and the expansion of the Supercharger network in Europe, just three weeks ago.

Because Tesla is a hot source of inspiration these days, we’ll be following their achievements and post about Elon’s future announcements as they appear.

One month ago, a Tesla share valued a little over $50. While I was writing this, the value rose to $110.

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