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Coffee Supply Endangered By Climate Change


coffee_climate_changeCoffee is the well-known substance that has been drunk for centuries in order to stimulate creativity and give energy. It is even believed that this ‘liquid gold’ is the reason for the great scientific and industrial revolutions.

Unfortunately, the coffee plant is threatened by climate change and raising temperatures. To most coffee lovers and growers, it is known that in order for it to grow, coffee plant needs a perfect combination of temperature and rainfall.

Climate patterns and temperatures are predicted to change drastically by 2080, especially at locations where the plant grows best. The real problem is that coffee yields are already decreasing due to larger spread of pests brought by warmer temperatures.

Although disappearance of coffee might not be as huge and as dramatic as most of the anticipated effect of climate change, it is the world’s most popular and favourite drink, which generates $15 billion profit to the export industry, and have billions of fans over the globe.

This warning might just be what everyone needed to get in order to wake up.

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