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Wind Power the Cheapest and Cleanest Option, Says DOE Report


Wind Power OptionContrary to popular belief, wind power is the cheapest energy option across the globe. In fact, last year, the US installed more wind power capacity than capacity from any other energy source.

The news comes from a recent report prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and released by the US Department of Energy (DOE), which noted that the demand for energy  was up and prices offered by wind projects to utility purchasers averaged $40/MWh.

This translates to $0.04 kWh. Adding the $0.022 Production Tax Credit (PTC) takes the cost up to $0.062 per kWh, total. To date, the best price for electricity is $0.08 kWh but the final cost includes additional taxes and fees.

In addition to the low kWh price, wind power is so attractive because it already includes real estate, transmission, taxes, and profits instead of being tacked on to the bill, as happens with electricity companies. Ultimately, wind power is not only cleaner that conventional forms of power, but far cheaper as well.

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