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Wind Turbines Only Annoying, Not Dangerous for Health, Says MIT



A study by the MIT has recently determined that wind farms do not make people sick, as some of the residents living close to wind turbines have claimed in the past.

The wind “patients” have reported tinnitus, headaches, heart disease, anxiety (a psychological illness by definition), sleep disturbances and others, all caused by imperceptible infrasounds produced by the turbines.

“No clear or consistent association is seen between noise from wind turbines and any reported disease or other indicator of harm to human health,” the study reports.

On the contrary, one of the biggest studies made on this topic, in northern Poland, having a sample of 1,500 inhabitants, found the best quality of life for those living near wind farms. Those living 1,500 meters away from them scored the worst.

Each new technology has its opponents. I’m not saying wind turbines are a new thing for mankind, but their size may have a psychological impact on some people. Imagine suddenly living near a giant, after all your life your home was the highest thing you saw…

Ok, maybe I’m being sarcastic here, but my best guess is the truth is on the brain side. And I’m not saying those people are mentally ill, they just have an innate fear for those big wind turbines, which triggers many of the symptoms they have.

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  1. Funny story: About 15yrs ago, a Wind Farm in Tracy California, was responsible for the death of a Bird of Prey (Peregrine Falcon, I believe). The Animal Rights groups and others quickly went into action, causing a massive suspension of the PG&E contract, until the issue of ‘bird safety’ was addressed. Though the contract was suspended, the electricity was not, thus, PG&E collected electricity at no cost during the period of suspension. Of course the contract was resumed, I think on the strength that, through other conservation efforts, the bird of prey population had dramatically increased during the Wind Farm’s existence. I don’t recall whether PG&E was ever back-charged for the period of free electric (they probably could have given at rebate (2 cents) to all their customers). Remember, utility companies are given ‘The Authority’ to operate, therefore, there are contracted ‘operations’ between the utility company and the State or other businesses or industries. Seldom would an electric utility manufacture and install a Wind Farm, at least not completely.


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