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WindFloat: Offshore Wind Turbine That Doesn't Need Heavy Lifting Equipment to Install It


Principle Power, Inc. (Seattle-based offshore wind energy developer) in collaboration with Energias de Portugal ( a Portuguese utility) have successfully installed a full-scale 2-megawatt WindFloat off the coast of Agucadoura, Portugal.

The WindFloat project is the world’s first offshore wind deployment which, according to the companies, doesn’t need any heavy lift equipment offshore. The wind turbine is assembled onshore in a controlled environment and then is transported to the offshore site.

Officials also claim that the offshore wind turbine is the first of its kind in open Atlantic waters. The semi-submersible structure is special because it is able to support a multi-megawatt wind turbine and allows it to be located in water depths greater than 50 meters.

“The (deep) ocean is the next big energy frontier. Deep offshore wind technology, in particular the WindFloat, will allow us to harness stronger and more stable winds, and in the medium term deliver sustainable energy into our electrical system,” added Antonio Vidigal, CEO of EDP Inovacao.

[via Cleantechnica]

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