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Nissan's Future Leaf Versions Will Have Wireless Charging Option


Nissan Leaf is already one of the most popular electric cars on the planet. Now the company moves to the next technological level, replacing the wires with a wireless system in order to charge the batteries.

Nissan has begun demonstrating its wireless charging system which will be available in 2013. The electromagnetic induction unit used by the system is expected to charge at rates between 3 and 6 kW and to be 80 to 90 percent efficient.

The charging process begins when the Leaf is parked over a flat sending unit and the electricity is sent wirelessly to the receiving unit on the underside of the vehicle.

Users will also have a screen on the car’s dashboard which will allow them to check the charging status.

The company didn’t say anything about retrofitting previous models. The wireless charging system will be installed only on the future models. Due to this new option, the price of the car will also increase.

Below you can see how Nissan’s wireless charging system works:

[via SmartPlanet]

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  1. My LEAF is amazing. Wireless charging is not that big of an issue, plugging in only takes 5 seconds.
    The range is great and always completes while we sleep and there is excess emnergy Off Peak in the GRID.
    Nissan has done what no other company has been able to do.


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