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Wysips's Thin Solar Powered Film Prototype Charges Phone Battery


Honestly, the reflection off my phone’s screen annoys me, and I think it does the same to anyone. Some French scientists from a company named Wysips have produced a 100-micron thin film that uses the ambient light to charge the phone’s battery – in a very cheap manner.

Wysips’s solar powered thin film will only cost some $1 more per phone unit produced, and will basically eliminate the need for plugging in (of course, if you let it in well-lit environments).

The company wants to extend the currents prototype presented at CTIA Wireless 2011 so that it fits tablets and laptops. Mobile phone producers are already in talks with Wysips and will implement their technology in about 1 year from now, so we’ll keep an eye on them.

I remember that Apple had a patent which involved the same kind of technology, only that was to be put on the back side of the screen.

Watch the movie and share your opinions below:

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