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Zero Carbon Pork Processing Farm – The First in The U.S.


Witness Russ Kremer, the leader of a group of 51 family farmers who sell meat under the brand of Heritage Acre Foods and a Missouri-based hog farmer plan to build the United States’ first zero-waste pork processing plant, 100% powered by biodiesel.

Kremer’s ambitious plan is to power the processing facility. He wants to process Heritage Acre Foods pork, and then capture and reprocess the waste in a biodiesel plant that provides electricity for the generators.

The extra energy needed by Heritage will be obtained using solar and wind sources. The plant will also be equipped with huge battery packs (provided by Corvus Energy, a lithium-ion battery company) that will capture this energy.

“We’re helping revolutionize farming by providing family farms with the capability to capture consistent, green energy. This is the first time that truly effective portable and remote energy storage has been created for a farm and pork processing plant,” stated Brent Perry, president and chief executive officer for Corvus.

Currently, Kremer hasn’t declared anything about how much the zero-waste plant costs, but certainly it will not be cheap. What we know for sure is that the new processing system will be finished in about two years.

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