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Germanium-Based Battery 5 Times More Powerful


zaiping-guo-batteryA team of researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia has developed a new type of battery that can hold up to 5 times the energy of already traditional lithium ion piles used in camcorders, phones and electric cars nowadays.

The new battery uses a Germanium-based material and has the potential to double the range current electric cars have. Professor Zaiping Guo, head of the research (right of the photo), also an ARC QEII Fellow, said the development of her cheap manufacturing technique will improve battery technology significantly. “The novel anode materials are very simple to synthesize and cost-effective.”

She also mentioned that the price of Germanium is still high compared to other materials at the moment, but mass production will bring it down.

Not much detail has been given on the official page, but it looks like the new batteries are designed for consumer electronics and grid-scale energy storage.

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