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Zero Motorcycles Provide E-Bikes for Law Enforcement

Zero Motorcycles Zero S Law Enforcement Model - More Power, Speed, and Range
Zero Motorcycles Zero S Law Enforcement Model – More Power, Speed, and Range

In talking about electric vehicles, we realize they’re quiet, and that’s a nice thought, being able to pull into your driveway late at night without waking the neighbor’s dog. Usually, this is where discussion of the acoustics of an electric vehicle ends, and then we talk about more important things like range, recharging, and reliability.

Wait a second, lets go back to acoustics for a moment, and think about who could take advantage of the stealthy nature of an electric vehicle. The real world of law enforcement and war actually has strategists thinking more along the lines of electric Hummers instead of bumbling tanks.

Electric vehicles make zero sound, except that of wheels on the ground. Police officers need to be maneuverable, and if their vehicle of choice is quiet, all the better. Zero Motorcycles has been providing electric motorcycles to law enforcement agencies for the last couple of years, and the response has been encouraging.

The Zero Electric motorcycle is the perfect combination of stealth and maneuverability, and this year, Zero Motorcycles is expanding their law-enforcement lineup, adding power and range to the Zero S motorcycle, as well as the requisite crash bars, emergency lighting and siren. Other options include a gun rack, detachable windshield, hard cases, and a quick-charger. The e-bike also has a range of between 70 and 112 miles and goes as fast as 95mph.

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