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The New 100-Mile Range Electric Motorcycle Unveiled by Zero Motorcycles


Last week, Zero Motorcycles presented the first mass-produced electric motorcycle that is able to travel more than 100 miles on a single charge. So far, no one has achieved such a performance with an electric motorcycle.

Zero Motorcycles officials called it “the largest step anyone has ever taken in production electric motorcycle technology.”

The company also plans to develop a new electric motorcycle during 2012, that will go faster. Dubbed Zero S, the bike is expected to reach a speed of about 88 mph and have an autonomy of 114 miles.

According to the company, previous bikes generally traveled about half that distance before requiring a recharge. The rider has the possibility of traveling more than 308,000 miles, due to the bike’s new Z -Forceâ„¢ patented Li-Ion intelligent power pack technology.

The 2012 Zero S has a new body built with aircraft grade aluminum, new components, cast wheels and graphics. The bikes have a price starting from $7,695 to $13,995, and are expected to be on the market by the end of February next year.

[via Physorg]


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