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Zev Unveils World's First Street Legal Electric Trail and Dirt Road Scooter


ZEV is known for producing world’s most fastest electric motor scooters and now it has unveiled a Trail and Utility model billed as a dual-purpose, on- and off-road electric scooter. Having a large cargo mount that is placed just below the back seat, the “two-wheeled pickup truck,” is able to carry things such as “deer and other large game” (up to 250 pounds).

The Trail has two models: the 5100 and the 6100, both having a battery with a capacity much bigger than many electric vehicles. The 5100 model is equipped with a 4.32 KWh lithium battery, while the 6100 model has a 5.04 KWh battery.

According to ZEV, these batteries give the bike the maximum range of any electric scooter. Reaching a top speed of about 50 mph, the 5100 can travel up to 113 km on one charge, while the 6100 goes up to 58 mph (137 km).

ZEV claims that even at 150 °C, the motor runs at 82 percent efficiency. The scooter also has a three-speed electronic transmission controller that allows riders to vary the amperage and voltage. This way they will be able to choose between maximizing range or maximizing power. To buy the 5100 model you have to take $5,991, while for 6100 the price is $7,526.

[Source: Gizmag]

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