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Turkish Company Begins Exploitation of 60MW Geothermal Field


TurkeygeothermalThe Turkish Zorlu Group, owning a power plant in the southwestern city of Denizli, and sitting on the top of Turkey’s largest known geothermal field, has made public that they discovered a new 60MW geothermal field.

The group already owns a 17.4 MW plant on a field where it has operating rights since September last year, so this new geothermal field can bring them a total of 77.4MW of power.

The 60MW geothermal plant will be able to feed about 50,000 homes per year with electricity, with plans of building of a greenhouse, dry-ice production and other thermal facilities, using all the land’s power they can get.

The drilling project will start next month, Ali Kindap, deputy managing director of the firm, said. “Around 20 wells will be drilled and we will reach a depth of 3,000 meters.” There is a plan to begin operations of the new facility by August 2012.

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