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Mobion Methanol Micro Fuel Cell v4: New Energy Density Records



In September last year, we were presenting MTI MicroFuel Cells’ Mobion, an off-the-grid power source having a methanol fuel cell at its base. At that time, Mobion was bragging a 62mW/cm², being at the third generation, after the one released in 2007.

Now, the Mobion fuel cell engine has surpassed its previous performance, with the fourth version reaching a power density of 84mW/cm², while maintaining its fuel efficiency of 1800Wh/kg, or 1.4Wh/cc. The new values show a 30% power density increase, placing Mobion in the first place in the power density ranking for a methanol micro fuel cell.

Having a greater amount of energy in smaller amount of space is always a major concern of customers with power-hungry devices,” said Peng Lim, President and CEO of MTI Micro. “This significant improvement addresses manufacturers` needs for a compact, power-dense energy supply, while incorporating a simplified design. The new design is engineered to greatly reduce assembly time and cost to pave the way for high-volume manufacturing.”

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    Micro power supplies for room monitoring the prototype micro fuel cell device, the concentration of the methanol fuel used was raised from 30%, the concentration used for the companies’ previous fuel cells, to a remarkably higher concentration of over 99%. This enables the prototype device to charge up to three FOMA handset batteries with just 18 cc of methanol.


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