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ZTE Coral 200: The $40 Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Phone


zte-coral-200-solar-phoneUntil now many of us know about Samsung’s environment friendly phone, Blue Earth. It is made of recycled plastic, and the difference between it and other devices is that it can recharge itself, as it is equipped with solar panels.

But… Yes, there is a but. Although the price is not yet being revealed, as the handset is likely to be priced at the upper end of the market.

One month ago we were announced that the Chinese company ZTE will develop a cheap solar phone. Recently we got also the price: the amazing $40!

The ZTE Coral 200 is the budget environmental phone anyone can afford.

You can can completely charge the phone in 9h or you can talk 15 minutes for every hour of sunlight.

Coral 200 has 2 main targets: the budget-environmentalists and the people in areas of the world off the power grid.

For distributing the phone over the world, ZTE is working with Digicel, a emerging markets network provider who already sells other solar phones.

As conclusion, the affordable solar phone is close to us, starting from June we should have ZTE Coral 200 in stores.

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  1. We need 4 sets of coral 200 solar cell phone by ZTE now in Nigeria for our market survey..We are ready to pay to your Account now including the courrier mail to Awka-Nigeria.


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