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The Most Inconvenient Truth: Free Energy

Energy is not free, but it is contained in the deepest corners of our world and of our universe. We only have to find methods to extract this “free energy”, call it at first “alternative energy” and then use it as “standard energy”. First of all, we have to admit that it exists. Whether we admit it or not, it is there. It is at the core of our life. We don’t need to destroy the Earth to realize that.
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Ovidiu has always been a fan of technology and Captain Planet. Unable to ignore the technical possibilities that exist nowadays, he started collecting and blogging about the most interesting news out there and saw that there were a lot of people interested in the same that stuff he was.


  • KingsleeSpurling

    We have had the technology of perpetual motion since nicola tessla and anti-gravity since the late 80s but there not planning to give it to us for another 100 years, thats the political agenda in regards to this technology if you want to see the future of energy generation and transport technology and materials science http://www.hhoigo.com/