Holographic Planar Concentrator Brings Solar Cell Cost to $1/Watt

The company Prism Solar Technologies has made an important step in the solar energy field by developing a new technology that can produce more renewable energy in regions like New York (or Germany) where the insolation level is comparatively low. The official said that this invention could brings the cost down to $1 a watt.

Solar Charging Station for EVs and PHEVs by Toyota

By April 2010, Toyota will put in place around 21 charging stations for plug-in hybrid vehicles(PHVs) and electric vehicles(EVs)in Aichi Prefecture . The most interesting thing about these stations is the fact that they are charging themselves using solar power.

NASA is Producing Biofuel from Algae Grown in Sewages

NASA has recently been very interested not only in space exploration but as well in the rising energy costs and climate change. NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, has developed a system of growing algae in waste-water for the biofuel production.

Aegir: Scotland's Largest Wave Power Project

Just recently, Scotland-based energy developer Pelamis has signed a joint-venture with the European energy giant Vattenfall, for the huge energy project off Scotland’s Shetland Islands. The costs of the project rise to almost $100 million.

New Hope for EVs: Bolivia Holding World's Richest Lithium Field

As the automotive industry has oriented itself towards green energy usage, the need of a “supreme” alternative resource is obvious. And what is more obvious is the demand of Electric Vehicles. EVs need to store their energy in batteries: mainly Lithium-Ion batteries. As of this particular reason, Lithium seems to be one of the most searched resource.

Glitter-Sized Photovoltaic Cells Expected to Produce More Power at Less Cost

â€Ã…“Eventually units could be mass-produced and wrapped around unusual shapes for building-integrated solar, tents and maybe even clothing. This would make it possible for hunters, hikers or military personnel in the field to recharge batteries for phones, cameras and other electronic devices as they walk or rest.” said Greg Nielson, Sandia lead investigator.

GM Cancels the 53mpg Hybrid Chevrolet and Proceeds to PHEVs

Even though electric vehicles seem to be the future, some car manufacturers do not rush into changing to green, alternative energy sources. There is some incertitude when it comes to changing so fast from fossil fuels and some automakers just take their time to see what is best for the market.

New Discovery: Generating Electricity With Ground Bacteria Shewanella

Bio-chemist David Richardson of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom said that Shewanella is the ideal candidate for environmental-cleanup tasks as it lives in the underground: “Understanding their biochemistry could help to develop strategies to stimulate their activities [at the cleanup sites].”