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Yarga YoYo: Concept Fuel Cell Vehicle Inspired by Dean Kamen's Segway


There are some ideas that could evolve no matter what technology is used to apply them. For example, James Yarger, an industrial designer, thought of a concept vehicle made from recyclable materials, inspired by Dean Kamen’s Segway.

The vehicle consists of two wheels, a central cabin with one seat that is linked through mobile connections to the wheels, like in the picture above. Yarger named his invention “Yarga YoYo”, because it resembles a yoyo.The thing is to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell pack.

The large outboard wheels provide superior side impact protection and the frame is to be made from recycled PVC plastic covered in a carbon & recycled aluminum fiber coating. The YoYo can also double as a personal cabin or a sleeping berth.

The onboard computer keeps the YoYo cabin stable, and it can also drive the vehicle, guided by GPS.

Ok, I admit some of these ideas are doable, but most of them are somewhat futuristic. Thanks to Ecofriend for sharing this concept vehicle – I usually publish real, existing inventions, but this one caught my eye.

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