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Aegir: Scotland's Largest Wave Power Project


After the development of the world’s largest hydro-electric wave energy plant, Scotland continues to exploit the wave power. Just recently, Scotland-based energy developer Pelamis has signed a joint-venture with the European energy giant Vattenfall, for the huge energy project off Scotland’s Shetland Islands. The costs of the project rise to almost $100 million.

The project will become Scotland’s largest wave power scheme and is named after a Norse mythological sea god: Aegir. Aegir will have 26 of Pelamis’ P2 180m long wave power machines. These are able to generate up to 200MW of energy, enough to sustain with the needed energy about 13,000 houses a year . The first part of this large project will be working by 2014 and it’s part of Scotland’s plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions with up to 42% by 2020.

But the World Wildlife Fund and other organizations believe Scotland will be able to meet 60-143% of its projected requirements from renewable sources by 2030. And it’s already clear that wave energy is Scotland’s primary alternative when it comes to investing in such an area.

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