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Tesla Pre-Sold All 2012 Model S Production, Musk Says

Tesla S Tesla Pre Sold All 2012 Model S Production, Musk Says

Tesla Motors’ Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, claims that the company is sold out of next year’s production of its new Model S sedan and should earn a profit in 2013.

Musk said in an interview on Bloomberg TV that Tesla received over 6,500 pre-orders for the Model S electric sedan, mostly from new customers.

The premium electric sedan will have a price of about $50,000, being cheaper than Tesla’s current Roadster sports car which costs around $100,000.

“They’re mostly new buyers. Only about 600 people who have ordered Roadsters have also bought the Model S,” Musk said in an interview.

Tesla Model S will be built at the electric car plant in Freemont, California, and the first deliveries will take place in mid-2012.

[via Green-Report]

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