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Air Filter That Sensibly Increases Engine Power and MPG Patented by Romanian Engineer


Corneliu Birtok-Baneasa, a Romanian engineer, has invented a groundbreaking air filter that decreases the fuel consumption by 10 to 15 percent and  raises an engine’s power by up to 10 percent. He patented the device that had been already awarded at various international invention congresses.

“I am involved in a venture with multiple companies for producing a stock of about 200 supercharged filters, and then I’ll request the patent certificate for this product to the Romanian Auto Register,” he told press agency MediaFax. “I am hoping that by the end of the year we’ll have finalized all of the procedures needed by the Register, after which we’ll move on to mass production, for the free market. We may begin making it as soon as we’ll get the authorities’ approval, since the production lines have already been set up.”

The 33-year-old engineer from Deva explained that, besides its classic filtering function, his product raises the intake air speed, pre-cools it and raises the filter’s filling coefficient.

“Supercharged or multifunctional air filters give the incoming air a different type of dynamic and are adapted to the shape of the intake hoses, which makes them fit for 80 percent of the engines on the market,” Birtok said.

He also mentioned that once mounted, the filter would raise the engine’s power by 8 to 10 percent, while the fuel consumption would drop by 10 to 15 percent.

“For instance, a car’s engine using the supercharged filter will have the same amount of power at 2,600 rpm as one revving at 3,000 rpm, but using a conventional filter.”

The engineer won lots of prizes at invention fairs from Geneva, Moscow, Kuwait and Romania. Among the 20 national and international award-winning inventions there’s a device called “Dynamic Air Transfer Device,” that lowers the fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Prices of gas have gone up lately, and this is why I think this innovation will surely have an important impact on the worldwide car market. If Birtok-Baneasa’s device will get produced on a large scale worldwide, we’ll all breathe in a better, less-polluted air… at least until someone finds a solution to replace gas completely. I can hardly wait to put my hands on one – I already see people lining up at the factory gate like those iPhone lovers before each launch.

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