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Tesla Motors Planning to Make Cheaper Sedan, SUV and Supercar

Tesla Model S

The mass-marketed Tesla car you’ve been waiting for may be out in the wild starting 2015. Elon Musk said to Wired that he has plans to make an SUV in the class of BMW’s X3 and will price it around $30,000 (after subsidies).

At the same time, Tesla Motors will also unveil a sports car that will replace the now defunct Roadster, the world’s first commercial electric car success. Well, you may say rich people are into buying mostly anything, but this one really was a success, worldwide, with more than 2,500 units sold.

In fact, this was Musk’s original idea: to make an elite electric car first, make the company a good reputation, and then move into the mainstream market by building normal cars, with normal performance figures, but with the quality of any of the expensive models. “In a lot of respects, it’ll be a scaled down Model S,” Musk said.

In 2016, Musk also said that Tesla will start thinking of an electric supercar, with “supercar performance, but not supercar pricing.”

Weight is the number two biggest issue for electric car automakers after batteries. Tesla will have to take advantage of the latest innovations in light materials and will have to find ways to use them in their cars as cheaply as possible. Of course, batteries constitute the largest part of a car’s weight, so innovations in this field will not only improve the autonomy by being better, but also by not being such a burden to the electric motor.

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