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DIY Electric Car Converters Requesting Government Incentives, Officially

A typical converted electric car

A new petition on the White House website is requesting for the U.S. government to also give tax incentives to electric vehicle conversions, not only to new electric cars or plug-in hybrids.

“While the Federal government should continue providing Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicles (IRC 30D) tax incentives for new plug-in vehicles, they should extend the same incentives to EV / plug-in conversions. Conversions target 250M existing vehicles on the roads, can save over 40% of fuel use or no fuel at all, have a smaller carbon footprint than new car since they reuse most of the original vehicle, and cost less to buy as an incremental expense making plug-in more affordable,” says the petition.

Electric options right now only include new products from Nissan, GM or Ford (the major players in the industry), but if you recall the movie “Revenge of the electric car,” there are a lot of DIY converters who, in their own garages or by requesting the service of specialized companies, make their dream car become electric at a fraction of the cost of a new Leaf, Volt or Focus EV.

The petition needs 25,000 signatures to be considered by the White House. Go ahead and support it, or otherwise we’ll all depend on big corporations to free us from oil independence.

While I personally think this petition won’t pass because of the big interests oil companies have in gas-powered car manufacturing, there’s still hope for a change.

[via cleantechnica]

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