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Toyota Crown in Japan Gets a Hybrid Upgrade

1024px 2007 Toyota Crown Hybrid Concept 01 300x150 Toyota Crown in Japan Gets a Hybrid UpgradeHere in the US, since 1989, we have seen Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand here in the US, grow from one model, the flagship LS 400, to fifteen models today. Lexus has led the luxury vehicle revolution here in the US ever since. In Japan, though, there is no Lexus name plate. There is, however, the Toyota Crown, the premium Toyota line in that country.

The new Crown Hybrid seems to translate well to the Lexus ES 300h, which uses the same hybrid power-train. Both are available for the first time ever in a hybrid version, featuring a 2.5ℓ engine mounted parallel with a 105 kW motor. The entire system output is 217 hp, and achieves 55 mpg in the Japanese fuel economy tests. The JC08 test is more lenient than here in the US, which might give the Crown Hybrid an EPA rating of less than 40 mpg, which the Lexus ES 300h rates.

The new Crown Hybrid is available in a number of trim levels which include audio systems, appearance packages, and advanced safety systems such as pre-collision radar and advanced vehicle stability control. The new Crown Hybrids will cost between $40,425 and $64,850 [¥ 3,530,000 to ¥ 5,750,000]. Sales of the new Toyota Crown Hybrids will launch January 12, 2013.

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