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Nissan’s Future Hybrid Lineup Inspired by Resonance SUV Concept

DXOVER 012 JAN 07 FRQ B FINAL 300x168 Nissans Future Hybrid Lineup Inspired by Resonance SUV Concept
Nissan Resonance Concept – Basis for Nissan’s Future Hybrid Lineup

In continuing with Nissan’s commitment to reducing emissions, both in support of corporate environmental responsibility as well as to meet stricter Corporate Average Fuel Economy [CAFE] standards, Nissan has been working to increase their overall fuel economy across the entire lineup. Since 2005, the implementation of hybrid- and pure-electric vehicles has increased Nissan’s CAFE by 19%. Nissan’s diesel technology, mostly sold in Asia, also might find its way here in the near future.

The Nissan Resonance Hybrid SUV Concept was a hybrid unlike most other hybrids, powered by a 2.5ℓ i4 gasoline-powered engine driving a twin-clutch constant velocity transmission [CVT] connected to a front-wheel- or all-wheel-drive drive-train. Nissan says this hybrid setup is just as powerful as its V6 engine lineup, but 10% more efficient.

Recently, Nissan revealed that the hybrid power-train found in the Resonance concept would be the basis for most of Nissan’s new hybrid lineup, including fifteen new hybrid models by the 2016, as well as pushing to sell more pure-electric vehicles than ever before. This is also in line with what some other manufacturers have been planning, including Toyota planning 21 new hybrid models by 2015, and General Motors expecting to sell half a million electrified vehicles by 2017.

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