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ELF: A Pedal-Solar Hybrid Trike to Start Shipping in March


organic-elfIt’s only some few months ago that Rob Cotter, founder of Organic Transit had the idea for the Elf, a solar-powered pedal hybrid vehicle. However, after only a short while, the design is almost a consumer reality after going through prototype phase in Durham and then gathering the necessary funds via Kickstarter.

Although the project required Kickstarter funding amounting to $100,000, a total of $225,000 was received together with 51 preorders, which was in addition to an existing 400 pre-orders before it was listed on Kickstarter.

Apart from a much faster manufacturing process which uses a vacuum to form a new body every 11 minutes, the formerly hand-made hybrid now sports a lithium battery, 60-watt panels which come standard, and an app which informs the user how much exercise they are getting, how much their carbon footprint is reducing and also gives directions to desired locations.

All this means that shipping would be starting soon, with Kickstarter pledgers due from March to around May, followed by the existing 400 pre-orders. The $4,000-Elf is aimed at small firms considering a safer and more efficient option than a bike for making deliveries.

At this rate, the Elf would be quite popular before long; just in time for the TruckIt (a vehicle like the Elf but with a much bigger cargo capacity) by the same Organic Transit to make its debut.

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