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Paper Bricks Created from Recycling Waste

Paper Bricks India 300x200 Paper Bricks Created from Recycling WasteTwo Indian professors at the National Institute of Technology in India developed a way to create paper bricks from recycling waste once they discovered that 15% of the waste paper taken in was left to sit in a landfill as sludge. After careful experimentation, they created paper bricks made from recycled paper.

The bricks, constructed from 90% previously used and recycled paper mill waste (RPMW) once used in partition walls and false ceilings and 10% cement, is mechanically mixed and pressed into molds. The bricks are then cured in the sun.

The researchers have also worked to incorporate textile effluent treatment plant (ETP) sludge, fly ash, cotton waste, cigarette butts, polystyrene fabric, waste tea, rice husk ash, granulated blast furnace slag, and dried sludge from a waste water treatment plant.

The researchers see their creation as a way to innovate the solid waste management industry while creating new construction bricks, increasing revenue, and earning carbon credits.

The bricks are 50% less expensive than the cost of traditional bricks and could lend a hand to the Indian construction sector, which currently has a 30% supply deficit.

Researchers are currently looking for a way to waterproof the bricks to they can be used on the exteriors of residential houses

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